About Us

This institute is established and registered under the Registration Act 1860. The motive of this institute is to bring up each and every Artist & their Art from society and give them a platform to expand and exhibit their talent. Institute introduces new and various definitions relating to drama. Institute helps to implement various schemes of Central, State, Municipal Corporation. Institute conducts and provides training programmes relating to business, Colleges, Personality development and Self Employment training. Institute helps people to get financial help to those who were affected by natural or man-made calamities or disasters from State as well as from central Government. Institute Operates Healthcare centre, Secondary and Higher Secondary hermitage Schools, and many Social welfare programmes which will help in Growth and Development of Society.


  • Implement various schemes of Central, State, Municipal Corporation. Arranging Drama training sessions, operate Drama, musical & Art institutes and Production houses, Schools for Deaf and dumb, Schools for physically challenged students. Distributing study materials to poor children.
  • Providing Business Education facilities, Operate Beauty Parlours training centres. Providing Nursing homes, Health care centres and medical facilities to all. Conducting AIDS Awareness and eradication programmes.
  • Conducting camps for Youth Welfare for example; Social Service camp, Health camp, Self employment training camp, Personality development camp, Blood Donation, Eye Donation Camps, All Diseases diagnosis camp etc.


To bring Talent up from society and give it a scope to expand with a flow.


Creating prideful Masterpiece of Art for the nation.


Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Teamwork

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E mail - arunodayapratishthan@gmail.com, info@arunoday.in